Data Import Wizard
The Data Import Wizard is a tool designed to help Infoblox® personnel and partners import DNS and DHCP data from legacy systems to an Infoblox appliance or Grid providing DNS, DHCP and/or IPAM services.

The Data Import Wizard can be deployed either as a Java Web Start application or as a Standalone jar file.

Please review table below to select compatible DIW release.
DIW Release Compatible NIOS Releases
Download DIW 8.5.x 8.5.x
Download DIW 8.4.x 8.4.x
Download DIW 8.3.x 8.3.x - 8.1.x
Download DIW 8.0.x 7.2.x - 8.0.x
Download DIW 7.1.x 6.11.x - 7.1.x
Download DIW 6.10.x 6.8.x - 6.10.x
Download DIW 6.7.x 6.7.x
Download DIW 6.6.x 6.1.x - 6.6.x